Welcome to our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us. (not 😂)

FROSIT is located at:
Schouwburgring 433 Tilburg
5038TW , Netherlands

Once there was a proper privacy policy here, now I've taken example of our country's data protection authority and the EU's behaviour in enforcing the GDPR by not giving a f*ck.

This is a protest, we have lots of cookies, even cookie monster would be yealous. We use them to know what you ate for dinner last night and sell your soul to the devil. (no seriously, we have some tracking cookies, mostly Google's to know visitor behaviour.

To the EU: Start enforcing your laws, what use do laws have if you only write them down and stop caring?

Yours sincerely, Fabio Ros - Founder and former shareholder of GDPRProof B.V.